The Highway Primary School


If you are interested in your child attending The Highway Primary School please read our Admissions criteria on the policies below:

SOLA Admissions arrangements from September 2024 

SOLA Admissions arrangements from September 2025

Applications for all admissions, whether starting in Reception or in-year,  are made via Bromley Admissions DepartmentWaiting lists are also maintained centrally by Bromley Admissions.

We know just how important it is that you make the right decision for your child when selecting a school.

All prospective new parents are invited to come along to one of our Open Mornings which take place in November, early in the academic year.  There will be a presentation by the Headteacher, followed by a tour of the school provided by the oldest children in Year 6.

If you are unable to attend an Open Morning and wish to have a look around our school please contact Mrs Howe in the school office to make an appointment.

Children are admitted at the beginning of the autumn term before their fifth birthday.  To allow children to comfortably settle into their new school, we have a  short phased entry over three weeks, which helps to ensure a smooth transition. 

We have 30 pupils in our Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception) and Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2 classes).  In Key Stage 2 (Years 3,4,5,6 ) we allow for 32 in each class. All teachers make sure that they present work which will develop each individual child’s potential and they are ably supported by Teaching and Learning Assistants and Intervention Support Assistants in every year group.

There is a central admission system which makes admission to primary school fairer and easier for parents to manage.  It does not change the process for deciding whether a child is admitted to a particular school but co-ordinates offers available to individual pupils and ensures that only one offer is made to each child.  The Bromley Admissions Team at the Civic Centre manages the process for admissions, both entry to Reception and ‘in year’ transfers.

All parents/carers, irrespective of where they live, who wish to apply to any mainstream primary school(s) in the London Borough of Bromley, need to complete one form – the Bromley Common Application Form (CAF).  Applications to schools outside Bromley must be on the relevant LEA’s own Common Application Form.  Parents/carers will be required to provide proof that they and the child resided and were registered at the address used on the CAF.  Temporary rental addresses or the address of a relative cannot be considered. In cases where parents live separately but have joint custody, the address used must be able to be verified as the child’s own residential address.

  • Up to six Bromley schools can be entered – in order of preference. The school you would like the most must be put as preference 1 at the top of the form.
  • Parents are encouraged to include the school that has historically covered their home address as one of their preferences.
  • Many of the primary schools in Bromley are oversubscribed. If none of the schools listed can offer a place, for its own residents, Bromley is required to allocate one at the nearest school that still has a vacancy, even if it was not included on the CAF.

If you have an older child (sibling) already at a school and this is the only school you wish your younger child to be considered for, you only need to include that school on the CAF as your first preference.  However, the sibling must be attending the school in the September of the academic year of entry. Full details are published each year in a booklet entitled “Admission to Primary School” available from local libraries and the Civic Centre. 

The application process opens in September in the year before the child is due to start school. The deadline for applications is the middle of the following January, which gives parents over 4 months in which to visit schools and decide on preferences.  An offer of one school is then made in April. 

The Highway Primary School is part of the South Orpington Learning Alliance (SOLA) Multi Academy Trust , which is committed to equality and inclusion.

Our pupils with Special Educational Needs are given the opportunity to grow and fulfill their potential, alongside their friends and classmates.

Pupils that need Specialist Support, beyond that available within school, are supported by London Borough of Bromley’s Special Educational Needs team.

Our SEND/Inclusion Manager is available to liaise with parents of children who would benefit from the range of services offered by London Borough of Bromley.

Some of the SERVICES available through London Borough Bromley are…

  • Managing the Educational Health and Care Plan (EHCP) process
  • Deciding on any Specialist placements
  • Providing support and guidance for parents, schools and other agencies
  • Peripatetic service for pupils with hearing impairment
  • Peripatetic service for pupils with visual impairment
  • Educational Psychology Service working in partnership with staff and parents
  • The Social and Communication Difficulties team works with mainstream schools and specialist settings to support the inclusion of children.

Parents will be guided and supported by the Class Teacher and our SEND/Inclusion Manager, to ensure that support is sought when appropriate.