The Highway Primary School

Curriculum Drivers

Curriculum drivers can be thought of as the foundations for the curriculum – they are key principles that anchor the school’s provision in all aspects of learning and wider school life.

SOLA Curriculum Drivers

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

  • We recognise that the physical and mental health of each of our children, their happiness and wellbeing, is of paramount importance. Through our curriculum we will ensure that our children develop an awareness and understanding of how to keep themselves safe and healthy, including how to stay safe online and in an increasingly digital world. A focus on pastoral education and building strong relationships with children and their families enables us, where appropriate, to tailor our provision to meet individual needs. In this way, we aspire for every child to be happy and healthy.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

  • When planning and delivering our curriculum we will ensure that all children feel valued and visible, and are able to thrive. We will purposefully seek opportunities to promote a better understanding of diversity, celebrate difference, and challenge discrimination in all its forms. All children will be treated as equals and we will address disadvantages that might cause inequity. 

The Highway Primary School Curriculum Drivers


  • At The Highway, kindness and care is at the heart of our ethos and underpins our school learning experience. Through our curriculum, we want our children to be provided with opportunities to develop and expand their experiences of the wider world, other cultures and beliefs, in order to become part of their own and wider global community, as kind, empathic and respectful young citizens.


  • By offering a broad and balanced curriculum, our children will have the ability to think, act, and design creatively. We want them to be involved in creative learning that is engaging, inspiring and motivating.

Independent Thinkers

  • We want our children to develop the skills and knowledge to become independent thinkers that display a curiosity for learning and have the confidence to problem solve throughout their life.  Through our curriculum, we will ensure that we provide opportunities for problem solving, challenge, questioning and reflection.