The Highway Primary School

Our Mission Statement, Vision & Values 

As a school we endeavour to provide the highest standard of education in a safe, supportive, learning environment, where respect and British values are promoted.

We pride ourselves on being a happy, caring, welcoming school where the work of all pupils, staff and parents is highly valued.



We adhere in our Mission Statement

'Everyone is valued at The Highway'

Vision Statement

At The Highway, we provide good role models who inspire through a love of learning and ensure that every child feels listened to and supported.

We build a collection of happy memories, where learning is enjoyable and education is valued, so that children can achieve great outcomes.

The Highway takes pride in helping children to grow into the person they want to be and achieve their goals.


Courage: To be brave and take risks
Kindness: To treat others how you would want to be treated
Inclusion: To accept and celebrate everyone equally
Respect: To have respect for all, through good manners and consideration
Resilience: To keep going even when it is hard