The Highway Primary School



Staff List

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Meet the Teachers


Mrs Hodson



Mrs Newnham
Deputy Headteacher & Humanities Leader

Miss Cella

Reception Teacher, 
EYFS Leader & RE Leader

 Mrs Toller

Year One Teacher


Mrs Marchant-Potts

Year Two Teacher,
KS1 Leader, PSHE & Early Reading 


Mrs Rees

Year Three Teacher

Science Leader & Music Leader

Mr Copping

Year Four Teacher,
PE Leader

 Mr Lloyd

Year Five Teacher

Art, DT & Maths Leader

Miss Driscoll

Year Six Teacher

English Leader









Mrs Jones
Year One Teacher (part-time),
Modern Foreign Languages Leader

Miss Bennett 

Special Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

and Inclusion Manager, PP & EDI Champion



Meet the Classroom Assistants

 Mrs Capon


 Miss Groves

 Ms Hill


 Mrs Penfold

 Mrs Smith


Mrs Godfrey

Miss Harding


 Mrs Paull 

Mrs Ling

 Mrs Jain

Mrs Naz

Mrs Morte

Meet the Administrative Support Staff


 Mrs Howe

Office Manager

 Mrs Arscott

Administration Officer

  Mrs Bridge

Administration Officer

Meet the Midday Supervisors


Miss Allen-Smith

Mrs Bayes

Mrs Hollman

Mrs Morte

Mrs Naz

Mrs Paull


Mrs Pointer


Meet the Site Staff

Mrs Stanton


 Mr Doig

Site Maintenance Officer