The Highway Primary School


At The Highway computing plays a central part in the children's learning, both as a discreet subject and as an integral part of all other subjects. 

The children make use of a wide range of information and communication technology applications. They learn to apply their skills in word processing, data handling, graphics and controlling devices. Through the use of a variety of programmes, these skills are used to enhance work produced in other areas of the curriculum. The school is linked to a large internal network which gives pupils access to their own files, printers and other multimedia devices and this is also connected to the internet via a ‘fire wall’ to provide appropriate access and protection. Pupils have access to laptops and iPads to encourage them to use their research skills in other areas of the curriculum.

The New Computing Curriculum - one of the most significant changes to come with the new Computing curriculums is a much stronger focus on programming and computational thinking at primary level.

Key points to note:

Key Stage 1 introduces algorithms and programming

Key Stage 2 sees further emphasis on programming, linked to algorithms.  There's an expectation that pupils understand how the Internet works and that this is different from the Web.  They should also understand how search engines operate and be able to use these.

 The children will learn programming, computational thinking, creativity, computer networks, communication, collaboration and productivity.

Click here to see a glossary of computing terms


A fundamental component of the children's learning will be to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to keep themselves safe online. 

You can read our Computing Policy which incudes E-Safety here.

Furthermore, below you will find links to some very helpful websites for keeping children safe online, particularly on social media and when gaming: