The Highway Primary School


At The Highway the whole school follows a full mathematically structured scheme in line with the National Curriculum.

Maths is taught as a subject in it's own right and as part of cross-curricular work where appropriate. Children are taught all aspects of the mathematics curriculum covering number, shape and space, and data handling. In addition to teaching children the fundamental mathematical skills and concepts, they are provided with varied opportunities to tackle real life problems.


Children, especially early on in their developments of mathematical concepts, are supported in their learning by the use of appropriate mathematical resources. Children learn through their activity and through seeing how and why mathematical rules operate.

A variety of teaching methods are used to enable children to reach their full potential and class work is supported by regular homework from Year 1 onwards.


In addition to maths lessons, special events take place throughout the year, for example themed Maths Weeks, visitors, including Theatre groups and The Happy Puzzle Company and maths related competitions.

Our main aim is that all children, both boys and girls, will develop a positive attitude to Mathematics and learn to use it with confidence, understanding and pleasure.